What They Are

Gamenights are a cool, fun and interactive way to meet other members from Sanctuary. Lately they have consisted largely of Modern Warfare custom game-modes, like infected, which is a barrel of laughs. The game is subject to change and the community has a say in what we will be playing of course. Just leave your suggestion in the “Gamenights” channel on Discord.

Who Can Join

Simplest answer ever, ANYONE. These gamenights are for everyone in Sanctuary. We all need a bit of social gathering, especially in these trying times. So get in the mix! You don’t even have to be playing the game that’s scheduled, just hop in the party and socialize!

Not very good at the game? Guess what, we don’t care! All skill levels are encouraged to play and hang out. Have a friend that may wanna join and jam with us? Not a problem, providing they adhere to the simple rules and guidelines of Sanctuary of course.

We have such a diverse background of gamers and communities here. Awesome people abound. Check us out at a gamenight near you!

What To Expect

Hilarity! Good conversation. Brotherhood/Sisterhood. We all have at LEAST one thing in common, a serious love for gaming. That alone means we will never run out of things to talk about. A few hours of drama free entertainment, who doesn’t need that? A customizable experience for you to contribute to and a great time. Alright, if that isn’t enough to get you to join our gamenights then nothing will be. How about I tell you when they are.

When Are Gamenights

  • Sundays 8pm EST – until whenever Minion declares it’s time for Minecraft
  • Wednesdays 6pm EST – until December has team-killed three times
  • Fridays 10pm EST – until Whiskey has passed out drunk on the mic

More Great Things To Come

As always, the leadership here in Sanctuary are always working hard to develop and bring to you more great things. Stay tuned to future articles to see more about the next big thing.

Want to write for the News here in Sanctuary? Contact me on Discord at WhlskeyDemon#0642. Let’s have a chat about that.

We also have a Media team. If you feel that social media and/or streaming are more your forte, feel free to contact xMinion 3#1234 on discord to discuss how you can contribute towards Sanctuary’s success in those areas.

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