Dystopia Realized

C-Free and Chill

With many of us having more free time these days, you may be wondering what to watch. Well, I am here to help. Netflix can provide many hours of entertainment to pass the time, and they hit a home run with the new Netflix original The Platform. This dark, psychological thriller really draws the viewers into the action. It will bring you to the edge of your seat, and leave you wanting more.

The Hole

The backdrop provides the perfect amount of doom and gloom to set the tone. Its simplistic setting brings the character interactions into full focus. The entire movie takes place in a prison aptly named The Hole. It is multi level with no doors and a single, square hole cut out in the middle of the floor. Each cell, occupied by two prisoners, contains two beds and a bathroom. Goreng, the main character, estimates it to contain about 200 floors after his interaction with his first cellmate. Looking down into the ominous opening provides little confirmation since it fades off into the darkness below.

Goreng quickly discovers the purpose of the opening in the room. Each day a platform descends containing a table with all sorts of delicacies. Goreng is shocked as his cellmate begins devouring the food. It has obviously been picked through by the inhabitants of each of the 37 floors above them. This doesn’t dissuade his cellmate who understands how the system works and what it takes to survive. In a perfect world, each prisoner would only consume what they needed and everyone would be fed. Reflective of current day social structures, “upper class” gets first pick of the food before it passes to “lower class” members. The “upper class” engorges themselves leaving little or no food for the “lower class.” It is a true survival of the fittest.

Perfect Timing

The timing of this movie is uncanny. In a day and age where toilet paper has become a hot commodity, it symbolizes all the things wrong with today’s society. The characters are stripped of all but the bare necessities, and left to their own devices. The prisoners of The Hole change floors monthly. They understand exactly how crucial that number on the wall is to their survival. They hope to climb the floors of the prison like people strive to obtain social status in our ever evolving society. The Platform does an exceptional job of defining the clear benefits of having a higher place in society. Such clear lines may not exist in present day society, but a quarantine can make it painfully obvious that these differences do exist. As the saying goes, to the victor goes the spoils.

Journey into the Abyss

While it could be monotonous, since the singular setting is reflective of movies like Cast Away, this riveting tale is anything but dull. Flashbacks are expertly used for character development and reliability. The impeccable timing provides a much needed change in scenery without feeling like you have stepped away from the action. The faint of heart may want to avoid this since it features intense scenes, brutality, and cannibalism. If you enjoy a thought-provoking thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat, then you will not be disappointed. So pull up a couch, bring your favorite snack, and experience the eye opening journey that is The Platform.

Article written by Trixie 8418

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