Socially Secure

Things are not great and a bit uncertain out there at the moment, to put it mildly. Wait, I know what you’re thinking, “not another person talking about the pandemic. I game to get away from all that!” My point exactly. We have an escape from the madness and stress already built in to our day to day lives. One that allows us social contact with physical distancing built right in.

No Need To Adjust

As we are asked to practice social distancing and self-quarantine, more and more people find themselves unable to leave their homes. They are isolated from their everyday social networks. We, as gamers, are at an advantage. Anyone with an online community has built in company and a support group at their fingertips (or in their headset). Even before social distancing was a thing, some of my favorite Friday nights have been spent in my armchair relaxing with hilarious people over the headset: a glass of rum, some snacks and an on-screen adventure.

Social media is flooded with people feeling isolated if they live alone or driven bonkers by their roommates and families. An online community isn’t going to fix that, but it will give you some reprieve. This is especially true with an already established group of friends online. Hopping in a virtual chat and talking to friends and family isn’t a foreign concept, or something we need to learn to use in order to get our socializing in. It’s our everyday, we don’t have to adjust, we just get to talk to some of our favorite people more often. Well most of them, Health Care and essential workers may find themselves with a little less time on their hands.

Budget Friendly

Unfortunately, job insecurity is a reality for a lot of people currently. Without a guaranteed income, investing in these DIY and crafty projects that are plastered all over Facebook is impossible. For the most part, we already own what we need to keep up our social interactions online. Beyond the cost of your regular utilities, communication online with fellow gamers comes at no additional expense. At least the Discord portion does. Xbox live is another story, but if you’ve prepaid you will still have that.

Most gamers have a robust library of titles to choose from already and there are plenty of free games available. Not to mention spring related promotions that mightenable us to indulge in a few more titles perhaps. Within the community this week, I’ve seen people playing old favorites that they already own, like Modern Warfare, Borderlands 3, Sea of Thieves, Minecraft and Paladins (always free and cross platform). OCTGN gives you the ability to hook up over the PC and play Magic The Gathering, among other things. It’s free and fun. Steam has lots of games on sale or free. I’ve also personally had a few movie nights with my friends using streaming services. Cue it up at zeros and go!

Like a Family

Do you know who remembered my birthday this year without the aid of a Facebook reminder? My Clan Sanctuary family. It was on the house calendar, we had talked about it and what to do to celebrate without the basics for a cake readily available at the grocery store. However, when it came to the day not a single member of my family, coworkers or “irl” friends remembered without the aid of a social media reminder. This is not a woe is me moment, but an example of how our online connections in the gaming community run deep. We care for and look out for each other. Checking in on someone we haven’t heard from in awhile is the norm.

At this time I am incredibly grateful for a few things: Health Care Workers, essential workers and my online crew here at Clan Sanctuary. Thank you to the workers looking after us and to the Clan Sanctuary crew for my sanity (what there is of it).

I am really looking forward to hanging out with my favorite people at our next gamenight. Come join us, or check it out on our Twitch stream

Article by xSiren82

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