The Art Of Warfare: Part One

This Is My Rifle This Is My Gun

With shooter games offering such a wide arsenal, it is imperative that you understand the mechanics of your weapon and build against your flaws. Don’t have the best accuracy? Not a problem, be sure to build a weapon that offers a larger magazine and some options to hone in on your target. If you play hardcore game modes, perhaps create a build that utilizes the inaccuracy of your weapon as an advantage.

The “Bizon” in Modern Warfare is a perfect example. When built for speed, the inaccuracy of this weapon can be an absolute advantage to your run and gun game due to the sheer volume of lead it spits downrange. Although some weapons may outperform others, the only good weapon is the one that’s right for your play-style.

In The Midst Of Chaos

Maps, teammates, and kill-feeds. All three are important data sets that you can use to your tactical advantage. Let’s start with the most obvious: the battlefield you are fighting on. If you don’t know the arena how can you be prepared and know what hot-spots to check? If your game allows the option, take some time and play the map offline in single player mode. Explore and seek tactical advantages. Cruising the exterior of map zones offers the tactical advantage of limiting the play area in which you’re exposed. Nobody will be shooting you from outside of a map boundary, rendering those sections of the map safe. This will save you time heading towards your objective. Mid map can be a bit more hectic, however, it will likely provide more kills as you have a 360 degree point of contact zone. Pick a style that you can manage and keep up with.

Keep an eye on your teammates and kill-feeds. A lot can happen in a split second in shooter based games. There can be a lot of information to take in. So why am I asking you to watch more? This is, in my opinion, the biggest wasted resource for a lot of players. We have all run into a junction point in the game and seen teammates get mowed down in front of us. Obviously we make a choice to engage, reroute or even to hole up a moment and let another teammate handle the issue. However, while all that is happening, what about your flank? Maps move fast and getting flanked happens quite often. By understanding where your teammates are on the battlefield at all times, the kill-feed will grant you critical information about when your flank is being taken. A token glance at the kill-feed here and there can actually improve your success rate in game. A friendly was killed on my left flank, not a problem. Turn, engage and control the flow of the fight.

There Is Opportunity

Some opportunities can be provided even before you join a lobby. Check your settings. Aim assist can be great for a run and gun play-style, affording you that little extra help honing in on your target. For a hard-scoping sniper or marksman however, aim assist can ruin a perfect shot. Someone running in front of your target briefly forces you to regain your breath and reacquire your target.

Stick sensitivity can also be crucial to your strategy. Run and Gunners often play on a very high sensitivity allowing them to spin a 180 and drop a target instantly. Whereas a scoping marksman may want a little less sensitivity for fine tuning their precision head-shots.

Don’t Forget

The most important part to being a good shooter is mind blowingly simple: have fun. Yeap. Have fun. If you’re angry, you’re not at your best. Don’t be distracted by silly players, trolls, or even get mad at yourself for missing a shot here and there. Compete with yourself, your KD ratio, your previous game. Whatever it takes to remove the distraction of frustration and/or anger. Every game is practice. You want to be the best you can be? Practice and be calm. You got this!

More helpful hints and tips coming soon in “The Art Of Warfare: Part Two.” A special shout-out to December 37 and Retna for their help with this article. You two rock!

Article by: WhlskeyDemon

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