Tuesdays with Trixie

You may know Trixie as one of Sanctuary’s writers here on the website. However, not only does she have a talent for writing, but she also has a fun regular spot on Clan Sanctuary’s Twitch Channel. If you haven’t checked out Tuesday’s with Trixie yet, I highly recommend it. Every Tuesday at 8pm est, Trixie graces us with her unique take on gaming. She has also recently been named Mod on the Discord Server and Clan Sanctuary’s Streaming Coordinator (congrats!).


Trixie’s last stream was an inspired exploration of the frustrating game Cuphead. Her commentary on the evilness of the cute characters and her frustration at how difficult something so adorable could be, was hilarious. Plus, she managed not to curse once. Which, if you know her, isn’t that much of a surprise. If you know the game though, it kind of is. I highly recommend heading over to our channel to watch the show. I was in a party watching with a group – we were all giggling the whole time.

If you missed Trixie taking on Resident Evil 7 in April I would also suggest you watch that. Although, my personal favorite moment can be found here on our Instagram Account. Our good friend Whiskey set up a little surprise with the help of her daughter. I don’t want to give too much away, but she thought her daughter had gone out and was really rather shocked when she was grabbed from behind.

These are just a couple of the great moments from Tuesday’s with Trixie. There are plenty more to come when you tune in!

Coming Attractions

Trixie has a few ideas up her sleeve for her stream. In the coming weeks she will be streaming with the members of Clan Sanctuary’s Round Table; asking them questions and playing a game of their choosing. Her first week will feature our Operation Lead, December 37 (Zach). Rumor has it they will be hitting the high seas in Sea of Thieves. When Communication Lead, WhlskeyDemon (Drew), gets his turn, I believe they’ll be driving through the streets and racing in Need For Speed: Heat, but we’ll see what tickles his fancy. These will be in addition to Trixie’s regularly scheduled Tuesday streams. Keep an eye on our social media for details and be sure to tune in for Round Table Talk with Trixie!

Trixie is funny, has a unique approach to games and an amazing propensity for not swearing. I’m not entirely sure how she does it sometimes. Check her out every Tuesday night at 8pm est on the Clan Sanctuary Twitch Channel! If you miss a stream, videos can be found here.

Article by xSiren82

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