We Are An Island

One of the predicating conditions for the founding of Clan Sanctuary was, and will always be, neutrality. This pertains to every situation we encounter ranging from who is allowed in our server to our stance on dealing with cyber trolls and net bullies. The idea of putting it in neutral and gaining power may seem a bit ironic, but in this instance, it works every time.

Twitter Bitter

There will always be those opposed to progress and threatened by growth. For some, the fear of growth and positivity outshining their boastful bravado is a very real concern. Cyber trolls are born. These trolls are attracted to the shine of progress like moths to a flame. They hover and flit about, making a general nuisance of themselves, trying as hard as they can to be noticed. Sanctuary’s neutral policy renders all their efforts useless. We don’t expend energy swatting at bothersome bugs. Instead, our stance of neutrality allows us to accomplish a wide variety of things rather than waste our energy with trolls.

The Benefits

When we are neutral, we are not:

  • Reacting to people and events, creating drama
  • Allowing feelings of anger or anxiety to get in the way of creative processes
  • Allowing strong emotions to quell our communications
  • Judging and blaming others for their shortcomings rather than focusing on improving our own
  • Allowing feelings of resentment to build and stifle our good works
  • Expending and wasting energy on negativity

In our decision of neutrality we have found power and peace. We have decided that WE will not be the ones creating rifts and creating a we/they situation. We aren’t living in duality, but rather in unity, working together towards a common goal.

Virtual Paradise

Clan Sanctuary’s stance on neutrality allows us the unique opportunity to offer people what most cannot. A “for gamers by gamers” experience and a safe place to meet other cool people to game or even just chat with. We do not have ranks or a political system. We do not have drama within our server. We have a handful of creative leads and a few server moderators to ensure the vision of Sanctuary is maintained. So go ahead, click the join link below and check us out. Invite a friend and stay awhile. We aren’t going anywhere.

Article by WhiskeyDemon

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