Mixer Dismantled

Mixer shocked the streaming world on June 22 by announcing their closure and a partnership with Facebook. If social media reaction is anything to go by, everyone was caught off guard. Employees and streamers weren’t given a warning to prepare for the public announcement. All reactions were raw and unfiltered. Many are enthusiastic about the change, but there was a lot of anger and ill will expressed. Twitter was, well, all a twitter.

This change will come on July 22, exactly one month after the announcement. That isn’t a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. Streamers need to choose whether to make the shift to Facebook Gaming or to find a new home with pre-existing hosts such as Twitch. Then they need to move their content and ensure their viewership does not get lost in the shuffle.

According to their announcement, Microsoft felt they could not put enough time and resources into growing their streaming services. They are spread thin and want to focus more on developing other projects, especially xCloud. The thought is that this will eventually lead to a seamless stream watching/gaming experience. One click, and you’re going from watching a game being streamed on Facebook Gaming to playing it yourself on the same device. In that case, the partnership between Facebook and Microsoft could be rather lucrative.

What Does This Mean for the Viewer?

Will all be lost? No. Mixer viewers can link their account to their Facebook in order to connect to the streamers they already subscribe to on Mixer so no one will get lost in the shuffle. This, however, will only work for the streamers who made the switch to Facebook Gaming. Viewers will also receive Xbox gift card credit for their outstanding Ember balances, channel subscriptions and Mixer Pro subscriptions. These will be applied to their Microsoft account by July 31 and must be used by September 20, 2020. Any unspent Sparks will be forfeited.

What Does This Mean for the Streamer?

As with viewers, streamers can also link their Mixer account to their Facebook account. There are prompts once this is done to make the transition as seamless as possible. However, streamers are required to download their previous content (VODs) themselves from Mixer and they only have until July 22 to do so.

To thank streamers, Microsoft will be providing a gift card of $15 (or equivalent in your local currency). This gift card will also expire on September 20, 2020. Streamers are being encouraged to sign up for Facebook Gaming’s Level Up program. They are not being guaranteed the same compensation as before, but Facebook Gaming will “match partner agreements as closely as possible”. 

Not So Smooth

Mixer and Facebook Gaming are making great efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible, however it may not be going as smoothly as one might hope. It is disappointing that the dates and limitations of the gift cards and VOD downloads were not up front in their original posting. There is nothing in the initial statement that suggests these things are for a limited time only. You must go to the linked FAQ in order to see that there are limitations being placed on your content and funds and what those limitations are.  It is also disappointing that they expire so quickly. Not to mention, streaming directly from your Xbox will now require the use of Twitch or an app on your PC.

There aren’t numbers available yet, but many streamers chose to transition to Twitch rather than Facebook Gaming. Those who did choose Facebook are coming with mixed reviews. There are reports of tech issues and some censorship. Hopefully, this is rectified quickly. The biggest names on Mixer, Ninja and Shroud, have not made the move to Facebook Gaming or Twitch. Their social medias just have links to their YouTube Channels for now.

All eyes are on Facebook Gaming. Whether they succeed, or not.

Article By xSiren82

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