Sanctuary – The Blueprint

In an effort to remain transparent we thought we would give our readers some insight into Sanctuary’s Leadership roles, Mod roles, and Voting process. Every decision and move we make is carefully thought out to ensure a positive atmosphere for our affiliates, members, and any gaming community Sanctuary may influence. Here is the breakdown.

Leadership Defined

  • Tony (Swift Silence) Chairman – The chairman, whom I affably refer to as Big Daddy, handles Sanctuary’s finances. He is also the man who mediates and provides resolution to any communication issues that may arise within leadership discussions.
  • Zach (December) Operation Lead – Zach orchestrates our Discord channel as well as working hand in hand with our affiliates to make sure both our affiliates needs and members needs are met in a timely fashion.
  • Kat (Siren) Media Lead – Katherine manages our Instagram and is the editor for any articles you read on this website. She also creates our Spotify playlists.
  • Scott (Shinobi) Media Lead – Scott is our Twitter voice, keeping our social media presence professional, informational, and friendly.
  • Drew (WhiskeyDemon) Communications Lead – Whiskey manages the News Team and ensures timely and accurate weekly content for the Sanctuary website.


The purpose of the Sanctuary Moderator role is to give specific members the added ability and responsibility of server moderator. Mods are in charge of making sure members of the server abide by Sanctuary guidelines and that any actions or words that contradict those are addressed in a timely manner.

Mods are a valuable part of the leadership team and can — and are encouraged to — weigh in on decisions, offer advice and input and help with the day to day operations of Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Mods have the power to manage and assign server roles below their own, kick and ban members, create their own server invites and manage nicknames.

Huge shout-out and thank you to our Mods who have stepped up to the plate to help keep Sanctuary the safe haven that it is.

  • Airy 7
  • Trendies 7
  • vv FLAW vv
  • LGN Smokey 7
  • aNgeL


Now that you’ve met the players, how about some insight into how things are decided when shaping the course of Sanctuary’s future? Very simply put, Sanctuary’s Leadership votes on EVERY decision we make. There are five leaders within Sanctuary, ensuring that on major decisions no single person represents any more than one fifth of the votes. I stipulated the words “major decisions” because we often times include our moderator teams opinions into our decision making process. There you have it. Sanctuary’s inner workings in a nutshell!

The Future Is Bright

With the successful implementation of our Affiliates Program we are beyond proud to work hand in hand with these positively inspiring communities:

  • K7League
  • Gamers Resort Inc
  • KSI Global
  • NEX Generation HQ
  • Last Original Gamers
  • Eclipse Gaming Network
  • Legendary Gaming Network
  • Redemption Gaming Live
  • Pandora’s Mighty Soldiers

To find out how your community can benefit from affiliation with Sanctuary, feel free to reach out to any of our Leaders or Mods for more information. Let’s forge the future together and spread some positive vibes!

Article by: Whiskey Demon

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