Fork Knife or Spoon

What is the appeal

Now that I have your attention, I will let you know this is not about eating utensils. Instead, I am going to talk to you about the popular game, Fortnite. This game usually appeals to the younger generation, mainly sweaty 10 year olds. Fortnite has made quite a few positive changes since the last time I played. It might be worth giving the game another shot.

Fork Knife food truck

Driveable Vehicles

With the Joy Ride update, Fortnite added vehicles that can be driven by the players. This brings the game up to speed with others in the same genre. According to their website, there are 4 types you will encounter. These are called Islander Prevalent, Victory Motors Whiplash, OG Bear, and Titano Mudflap. I love the creativity of each one’s name. There is also the addition of radio stations which may play popular songs. If you are a streamer concerned with copyrighted music, you can turn off this option in settings. I am not a fan of the radio and despite a number of google searches I have yet to find a way to completely disable it. Fortnite also added gas stations. How else will your vehicle run? From what I can tell, most cars are only filled up halfway when you find them. No problem, since you can stop at a gas station, and fill up your vehicle just like everyone does, by wildly spraying it all over the car. Be sure to stay away from players shooting flare guns or you find yourself in an eruption of flames.

One of the vehicles available

Save the World

Another addition worth mentioning is the not so new PVE campaign. This is every builder’s dream. The campaign is $19.99 plus tax and it comes with a Metal Team Leader pack with all kinds of goodies to sweeten the pot. It is worth every dollar of that from what I have seen. You can solo through the missions or take on the world with a few of your close friends. Just like PVP, the team max is 4. If you like story driven campaigns, this is not the one for you. I was left with little understanding of what was happening besides the mass killing of zombie hordes. The story leaves you befuddled. I found this mode very entertaining in spite of this. It is a good way to hone your building skills since it requires you to build quickly to protect various items.

Cosmetics Galore

My fellow fashionistas, you will not be disappointed by the amount of cosmetic items in the game. You are able to unlock many of these items by completing challenges. Others are purchased with the in-game currency, V Bucks. The featured section of the store changes every 24 hours with new offerings. Unlike many other games, there is no pay to win system. You can change your character’s appearance and still be hot garbage. At least you will look cute while continuously dying. Priorities people, priorities.

Worth a Second Look

If you are not sold by now, I have saved the best for last. Fortnite is cross play across all consoles, PCs and mobile. You want to play with your friend that only has a smart phone? Yes, you can do it*. The levels also carry over from console to mobile. This truly gives you the capability to play anywhere. What are you waiting for? If you do end up playing, feel free to add me. My Xbox gamer tag is Trixie 770. Happy Gaming!

Article written by: Trixie 770

*Editor’s Note: Mobile game play may be made difficult at the moment due to a legal battle between Epic Games and the Apple and Google App stores.

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