About Sanctuary


Sanctuary is a Clanhub for gamers.

Sanctuary is also a place of refuge, where anyone can start with a clean slate and have a place to call home. No tryouts necessary. Just come on in, meet some awesome people and get connected. Our primary mission is to provide a positive, friendly and safe server-based experience for gamers.

How It Started

Sanctuary was originally started by a small group of close friends. They set out to build a home for gamers, free from needless politics and unnecessary structure. Sanctuary has steadily grown into a group of awesome people who all share a similar passion for gaming. Our platform is Discord and most of us game together on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. We welcome all gamers, regardless of game preference, platform, clan, community, team or background.

What We’re About

Anyone can join Sanctuary.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve BEEN in or ARE in a clan or gaming community. You have a home here. We welcome you — despite your past, despite your history, despite your reputation. It doesn’t get more “Switzerland” than this. Every person here is accountable for their own words and actions. Sanctuary is meant to help gamers be the best versions of themselves.

We also welcome streamers and content creators! We know your work is important to the clan, community or team you call home. We’re here to help and support you in any way we can.

In addition to this, Sanctuary also strives to maintain good relations with any and all clans and communities. We are able to provide assistance with logo creation and branding, graphic art for gaming and media use, discord server help and much more.


Starting on 7/13, Sanctuary will provide custom roles to specific clans and communities in our discord server. It is our intention to recognize affiliations with organizations that are positive, non-hostile, and that reflect Sanctuary’s core values of integrity and positivity. While affiliation with Sanctuary is left up to the discretion of Sanctuary’s Leaders, we are always open to discussing new possibilities and fostering friendly lines of communication. Feel free to message any of Clan Sanctuary’s leaders ( listed on the contacts portion of this website) with questions or proposals!

Benefits Of Affiliation

  • Exposure
    • Discord: Server Networking, Announcements, Socializing, Roles, Recognition –
    • Media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Support and Exposure, Retweets and Tags, Twitch and YouTube Support and Exposure, Announcements
    • Website: Permanent Links, Information and Affiliation Listings
  • Resources
    • Logo Creation and Branding
    • Graphic Art For Gaming and Media Use
    • Discord Server Assistance and Support
    • Organization Startup Tips and Advice
    • Discord Server Setup
    • Media Platform Creation
    • Website and Domain Creation
    • Branding and Image Creation

What We’re NOT About

Respect is key.

Preconceived notions, hostility and needless negativity has no home here. If an individual chooses to compromise the goodwill or safety of others in Sanctuary, they will be discreetly removed from the server. Sanctuary is not and will not be a conduit for drama of any kind.

Our guidelines are simple.

Offensive, illegal and sexually explicit content is not allowed. Neither is cheating, modding or hacking. Harassment, racism and disrespect are not permitted.

Why You Should Join

Sanctuary offers a wide variety of activities and interaction.

  • If you’re a gamer looking to meet awesome people with similar interests…
  • If you’re a lone wolf looking for a select few try-hards to run with…
  • If you’re an enterprising clan-starter and need assistance with setting up a Discord server, developing logos or choosing a website format…
  • If you’re a wordsmith looking to write some kickass articles or game reviews…
  • If you’re a graphic artist or content creator and need an outlet to showcase your achievements…
  • If you’re simply looking for a refreshing break from clans or communities in general…

Feel free to come check out Sanctuary for yourself! No obligations, just gaming. If you ever have questions or concerns, please message any of our Contacts. Thanks for being here.